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File Format:Photoshop brushes ( .abr ) file format
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Referensi link ke sumber daya (yang Web situs Captch sumber daya ini)photoshoprangerstock
License: License: It's FREE!. There’s always leftover coffee by the time I get into the office in the afternoon, and I’ve got coffee cups and a scanner. So I decided to make coffee cup ring brushes. Whoo! So for your enjoyment, 10 fairly large format (most brushes are between 200 and 700 pixels in width or length) coffee stain brushes.Before you commit snatch and grab please take a moment to familarize yourself with the snatch and grab policies¬†[link]About the brushes: Brush set was built in Photoshop 6 and should work with most releases of the programImage pack for non Photoshop users:¬†[link]Yes, it’s okay to use these brushes for what ever you want, however if you’re going to make a gabillion dollars with them I want a pony okay?
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